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Buddha Mind Monastery

Buddha Mind Monastery, located in OKC, Oklahoma, is one of the eight meditation centers in the United States affiliated to Chung Tai Chan Monastery (CTCM). CTCM was founded by Grand Master Wei-Chueh, an heir of the Linji (Rinzai) lineage and considered one of the greatest living Chinese Chan Masters.

The mission of Buddha Mind Monastery is to teach the truths of Buddhism and lead all sentient beings to the attainment of buddhahood through the practice of Chan meditation. All classes are taught by Dharma Master Jian Ren, abbess of Buddha Mind Monastery, who has studied under Grand Master Wei-Chueh at CTCM in Taiwan for many years.

Buddha Mind Monastery offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced buddhism classes and meditation sessions throughout the year. All classes are free of charge and open to the public. Come and experience Chan with us!




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